Efficient way to Communicate Real Estate was created by a Real Estate professional who saw an opportunity to apply his technology background to bring greater efficiency and modernity to the real estate rental and sales process. Using his skills in real estate, technology, and business as an MBA he developed a technologically-advanced platform for information sharing among Landlords, Brokers, and Prospective renters.

The platform was designed to eliminate inefficiencies in vacancy communications of properties by landlords to brokers who currently report them on a periodic basis (usually once a week).

The practice of weekly updates results in a waste of time, resources and money for all parties:

Landlords lose money. Valuable rental income from unoccupied vacancies is lost when Brokers are not utilized to their maximum in filling vacancies as quickly as possible. In this cycle of inefficiency, Landlords may end up paying advertising fees and/or broker's fees unnecessarily to fill their vacancies although that money would not have to be spent if Brokers were used more efficiently.

Brokers lose time and money. Brokers' sale and rental capacities are not utilized optimally when vacancies are not communicated real time - the time lag leads them to allocate time, marketing and resources to properties that are not actually available rather than allocating them to the ones that are.

Tenants lose time and good will. Tenants are often frustrated when they're shown properties that are not available. They are taken back by the lack of communication, resulting waste of time and increased difficulty in locating an available property. As a consequence Tenants lose trust in landlords and their representative brokers due to the inefficient way business is conducted.

So that's why was created.

Landlords should not be called upon to handle excessive call volume daily from the brokers they employ just to answer the same questions again and again. Landlords should not face excessive staffing in order to submit updates daily to all of their brokers manually. Brokers should not have to show properties that are not available. eliminates all the waste and frustration, while reducing spending and increasing incomes. Our new system enables brokers and landlords to finally share vacancies real time. And to minimize the inefficiencies that get in the way of prosperity. In the modern technological era, the rental and sales process is now more efficient and profitable.