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  • Accessbility & Control - Access and manage from anywhere. Any time.
  • Marketing & Exposure - Utilize resources for optimal marketing & exposure.
  • Communication - New Real Time communication for better results.
  • Performance & Organization - Improve efficiency and productivity for greater success.
What can do for INVESTORS & LANDLORDS?
Information can be shared more easily and quickly than ever before. So it's important that Landlords keep pace with changing information technologies in a way that will enhance the speed, efficiency, and profitability of their business. is a system that allows Landlords to easily and quickly broadcast their vacancies to the people who need that knowledge most - brokers. Investors can purchase and manage leads on our customizable CRM so your deals are tracked, researched and followed up effectively.   Read more...

The easy to use yet state of the art web application allows landlords to utilize brokers to fill vacancies quickly and efficiently. This will maximize their rental incomes and profitability. Mgmt Book allows Landlords to create fully customizable vacancy sheets that match their current vacancy sheet format. Landlords will enjoy the ability to easily organize and update their vacancies at any time from any computer or mobile phone. makes it easy to control privacy settings so only selected brokers will have access to the listings Landlords want to share with them.

With brokers will see the changes and updates to listed vacancies REAL TIME. Brokers will be made aware of any changes immediately after they are recorded into the system. That means Landlord's brokers will become well utilized and well informed resources to turn over vacancies more quickly.

In addition, the system will help Landlords reduce the time spent on preparing periodic updates and handling daily broker inquiries. Further it will enable them to track vacancy histories and use them to analyze their and their brokers' performance.   Less...

All-in-one vacancy information management solution:
  • Allows you to choose select brokers who can access your vacancy
  • Enhanced organization: easy to enter, search, edit and locate information
  • Manage and utilize broker relationships effectively
  • Residential and Commercial Rentals & Sales
  • All accounts are private and password protected
  • Quick browsing of vacancy history and brokers performance
  • No huge upfront investment to develop your own application

What can do for BROKERS? allows brokers to benefit from a more sophisticated vacancy information management system. Brokers can access updates from their Landlords REAL TIME - the minute vacancies change in a property, brokers will know. This allows brokers to focus on marketing & showcasing only the most up to the minute available units.   Read more...

The benefits of to brokers are many: real time information updates, access to organized and searchable vacancy listings, the minimization of wasted time and most critically, the maximization of their potential to close deals more quickly and more often. Gone will be the days of showing units that are not available. With brokers will only show available properties from here forward. Moreover, they will no longer spend valuable resources, time and energy chasing after updated information on listings and vacancies.

With brokers can access listings information in more sophisticated ways: through any computer or mobile phone, by running advanced searches to locate all available properties meeting clients requested criteria, and by being able to access all relevant information about landlords or buildings.

With brokers can save and make money: they can avoid the costly up front investments to build their own application or the costs of maintaining, updating and distributing vacancy listings to agents.    Less...

One-stop vacancy information system:
  • Centralized Listing system for Residential and Commercial Rentals & Sales
  • 24/7 REAL TIME access from any computer mobile device
  • Searching capabilities by management, location, or status
  • Advance search to locate properties based on more advanced criteria
  • Easy access to extensive information about landlords or buildings
  • Tracking of pending deals and performance with each landlord
  • Service You Can Count On

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